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My kids suck at cleaning. Welcome Chore Cards…

Okay. So maybe not all kids suck at cleaning, but mine are certainly not the best.

Here’s the thing- I’m a maid. A full on maid that cooks and cleans and deals with the spaze-outs of where there stuff is because I put in the wrong spot, why I have no idea where the very special lost eraser from 10 years ago is, and why on earth would I not know where the stupid little shopkin bought last month is in their complete pile of crap. The laundry baskets are constantly full and the sweet little hearts of my children do not understand why their clothes are not always clean in the closet.

I’m done. Like DONE! Don’t even get me started on the ” I need money” every five seconds, but having to EARN the money is never an obvious thing that would enter the brain of my teen and tween. I know what your thinking. Why do I let this happen? Why don’t I just say no? What the hell is wrong with me- be an adult and take control! I hear you friends! I hear you loud and clear. This is why I have come up with my chore cards.

I know, another set of useless things that look super cute but last a week and done like dinner. In the trash, it was great waste of time…BUT NO!!!!! IT IS WORKING!!!! Now, keep in mind, this is a work in progress kind of thing. It isn’t consistent, and it isn’t perfectly done…but it is working for us at very slow pace. Maybe it will work better in your house. If so, maybe we swap kids for a week. So here they are.


So here is what you need:


coloured ink printer.

circle clips  to attach the cards together (however, you can easily just staple them or put a ribbon threw.)

hole punch.

I made up 3 sets. One set each for the girls since my oldest is 14 and my youngest is 9. I found the ability to do certain things are slightly different. They basically have the same chores, just a room is different due to the size. These chores are required to be done weekly to live in my house. I think its important for everyone to pitch in and help run the household. I had to do it as a kid to earn an allowance, but let’s be serious, my chores were WAY MORE intense them these kiddos. Also, they get special things  throughout the week so it’s a win win really. You will notice there are two sets of blue dots. One is for them to check off, the other is for me.  Here is inside:


I also made up a separate “to earn money” set. This is the golden set! I have only one set for them share so they have to share the chores. Some are much easier to do then others which is priced accordingly and obviously some my oldest will do instead of my younger one. I decided to make this one monthly so that it isn’t so overwhelming. Most of these chores I do on a regular basis, but it is nice if I’m busy to have them do it for extra money. Right now is my crazy busy season with the menswear shop for all the wedding orders and the girls help out with stuff a little more. Plus, they get money to go to the store and take off for a bit when I need to get extra orders out.


Now that we have all the logistics taken care of, here is the good news. You can change up all the text to suit you. Clearly your kids names are not the same as mine (but that would kinda cool if they were!) as well as the chores. Your household is different, chores are different and your needs are different.

Here are the printable forms. I have them in Word because that works best for me.

Chore cards (covers)

Chore cards

Chore cards (2)

make sure to click on “enable editing” at the top of the screen so you can change the text to what you want.

So that’s it! Good luck!

Until next week,

Dana xoxox