The Shops

I run a couple of Etsy shops. I really love Etsy! Here is a bit about them and the links for you to check them out if your curious on what I actually do for a living 😉

Dana Eckert | menswear

This shop is all about events, style and simple items to enhance any event. I design all my patterns and handcraft all items myself. Sewing is so therapeutic for me, and apparently really popular! I have outfitted more than 500 weddings in the past 6 years, and its such an amazing feeling to see pictures from customers…I will share those as they come in.

Dana Eckert | PATTERNS

This shop is my comfort if you will. When the kids were young I loved to crochet and knit really cool hats for them and eventually branched out to baskets and cozies. its such a fun thing to write patterns and make the art of knitting and crocheting available to everyone. All my patterns are created for the beginner. Rather than doing a simple scarf to learn, these patterns give you the option of something super quite and cute.  I will be sharing those on the blog as well. A ebook and physical book are also on the horizon so you want  to stay tuned for that 😉


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