About My Blog…

IMG_0096 [224518]I am talker. A BIG talker. Chatty Cathy, loose lips, doesn’t shut up girl…that’s me. not in a bad way, I’m not a gossiper- that hurts feelings, but I do enjoy conversing. ALOT.

I am that person that works from home, a mom of a tween and a teen and wife. I have multiple shops on Etsy, always busy…and a huge diy lover. I was trained as an interior designer, and obviously like to do a bit of decorating, re-arranging, demo-ing… and building. I have that right brain thing, where you are always thinking and creating and “on”.

I think everyone needs an outlet. This is mine. Take what you will from the posts- like me, they will be all over the place, one day about food  the next about my need for organizing the mudroom which will turn into a HUGE project (because they really always do…) or see what is new business wise in my shops. There are two. completely different from each other- one is a patterns shops for knitting and crocheting and the other is a menswear shop where I design and craft menswear accessories (suspenders, neckties, bow ties- all that good stuff). Long story, but I love it and I actually get paid for it! Its crazy!

So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (or both) and see whats going on over here!

Dana Eckert xoxox